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school incursion


50 minutes




Cairns & Melbourne, Australia

An ancient Chinese meditation practice and origami workshop school incursion, run in states of Australia that is free of charge, brought to you by volunteers.

The Falun Dafa Association of Victoria has pleasure in inviting to your school experienced volunteers who will be happy to visit the school and supervise lotus flower origami incursion and/or meditation exercise classes.


A Peaceful Cultivation Practice Of Mind And Body

Amid the stresses of modern life, Falun Dafa meditation and exercise classes encourage students to find strength and peace of mind, along with uplifting their hearts and minds. Students will gain a greater understanding of their body and the way it moves, whilst learning how to prepare for and implement a range of five sets of gentle-moving exercises - including meditation. Our workshops develop the following fundamental areas helping to achieve: Balance, increased Energy Levels, Concentration, Memory improvement, Moral reasoning, Stress relief and Harmony.  This incursion is suitable for all ages and abilities and runs for around 50 minutes.  

Chinese Origami, Zhezhi - Folding A Lotus Flower

Our Petals of Peace origami folding workshop is a fun and interesting activity that is a symbol of hope and solidarity.  

The 'Petals of Peace' project invites children, and people of all ages to fold a paper lotus flower as a gesture of peace and friendship to children less fortunate. The lotus flowers are symbolic of 'Petals of Peace' blossoming within our local community and throughout the world.

This global project is a tangible way that participants can examine their own values and ideals to promote a more peaceful world. Petals of Peace aims to encourage tolerance towards cultural diversity and compassion for the suffering of others. It is symbolic of extending the hand of friendship to other innocent children less fortunate, like little Fadu. (See more of their story here)

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