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Lotus Flower

In traditional Chinese culture, the lotus flower symbolises ultimate purity of heart and mind, spiritual growth and awakening.

Buddhists all over the world recognize the lotus as as signifying the holy seat of the Buddha and regard the flower with reverence. In eastern cultures, one can find many artworks, such as statues and paintings, depicting a Buddha or disciple of a great cultivation way sitting on a Lotus flower.

The lotus flower is unique as it rises from the muddy waters remarkably untainted and pristine clean. It is a beautiful flower that can be found all over the world.

The start of this flowers life is not particularly easy. When the lotus flower begins to sprout, it is under the water in lakes and ponds. The water may be fairly still on the surface, but underneath the surface, the lotus is surrounded by mud, fish, insects and generally murky rough conditions.

Despite such adversity the Lotus maintains strength breaking through each of these obstacles as it makes its way to the surface .

In time, as the stem continues to grow, the pod slowly surfaces above the water, freeing itself from the harsh life conditions below the water.

It is then that the Lotus opens its beautiful petals to the sun, shining with radiance.

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