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Petals of Peace in Christchurch NZ

Petals of Peace in New Zealand.

On a glorious, sunny Autumn day, Christchurch (New Zealand) Falun Dafa practitioners attended the Rudolf Steiner School Autumn Harvest Festival, on March the 25th. After being inspired by fellow Falun Dafa practitioners in Australia, first time the Falun Dafa practitioners in NZ had held a ‘Petals of Peace’ stall. Not long after the festival began at 10am, the stall was crowned with children, excited to learn how to make the beautiful paper lotus flowers. One after another the children came, filling every area of table space- the volunteers at the stall were so busy that they didn’t even have a moment to sit down or have a drink! They said to one another “Next time we will need to bring more people and more tables!”.

All throughout the market, colourful lotus flowers could be seen, carried by happy children, grinning from ear to ear. While teaching the children how to make the lotus flowers, the volunteers told the children the symbolism of the lotus flower, and explained what Falun Dafa was and the persecution in China. The children couldn’t understand why such kind people who practice Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance would get sent to jail even killed. Parents also expressed high recognition and appreciation for the free activity, and the touching message behind it.

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