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Petals of Peace at Victoria's Rosebud Kite Festival

What a perfect day for flying kites, where at the Rosebud Kite Festival, people came from long distances to participate. It was full of activities for children and adults. At our stall, Falun Dafa and Petals of Peace, they were lining up to make the lotus flowers and very keen to hear about the practice Falun Dafa. It was such a delight to see so many lovely faces, the making of the origami lotus flowers always brings a smile to every one that makes one. We had a great location which was on the foreshore and the views of the water and sun added to the day. It was a really buzzy day all up and we were delighted to be part of the event. So many parents waiting patiently whilst their children made the flowers. Here is the website for petals: . Go to the website to find out how to make the flower at home and share with friends. If you would like to find out more about Falun Dafa - Falun Gong go to this website for all languages

Educate your children and teach them how to fold the lotus flower, also see the story of the lotus flower and its unique beauty here.

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