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"Orphans Rescue Festival" Shines Light on Orphans Left in China at Mia Mia Gallery in Melb

Petals of Peace hosted a fundraising event in a beautiful park land called Westerfolds Park in Templestowe in Melbourne, Australia. In the park is an Aborigine Art Gallery called Mia Mia, which means shelter.

It sits on top of the hill and overlooks the picturesque Yarra River Parklands. Colin McKinnon the owner kindly donated this beautiful Manor to hold the Global Mission to Rescue the Falun Gong Orphans(GMR) Festival.

Colin’s aim was to set up the Gallery and have Aborigine artists from all over Australia come to a space where they could have a place to show their work and also have an environment where they could create and reflect a pocket of their dreaming area.

Colin supports the artists and is constantly associating with the Government to protect the artists work, he believes the work should be kept sacred . This is one of the reasons why he was so generous in offering the place for the festival as his heart is in the right place and in his life he shows compassion and thought for others.

Being practitioners and hearing about the Falun Gong Orphans we dearly wanted to help. These other cultures knew also of persecution in their own cultures in different ways, so it was a great place to hold the festival at the Mia Mia which means shelter and bring the nations together in an exclusive environment .To bring the awareness to the Australian people of this horrific situation and give them the opportunity to help.

The festival brought together different cultures on the day. The main stage setting was beautiful in itself, it was a raised decking with grand old trees in the background, the quality of the musicians was great and having the outdoor setting and beautiful weather was a bonus.

Jo Pearson was a delight with her presentation skills and her relaxed manner in addressing the auction and introducing the artists . She is one of Australia's leading specialists and Media identities.

Leading up to the festival we were supported also by Bev Brock who is also one of Australia's leading Charity workers. Good Morning Australia which is hosted by Bert Newton became involved and called GMR to do an interview on Network Ten . Bev Brock went on the morning show and relayed the message across the nation about the festival and its purpose . On the day on the main stage we had a variety of cultures performing, Aborigine groups, Ukrainian, African, Celtic, Polynesian, Vietnamese, Falun Dafa dancers - singers , Aussie Bush Band, Chinese Lion Dance and Australian cabaret singer. In the children's tent there was plenty of action with well known music man Paul Jamieson, Mojo The Clown , Jason Vaughan, Minghui School, Petals of Peace, Kite Making, Face Painters and a local school band from Eltham, so it was a very active and vibrant day for the children.

The festival was created to raise awareness about the persecution of Falun Gong, specifically practitioners in China who have been killed in labor camps and jails by the Chinese Communist Party, leaving their children as orphans because of the persecution. How could a Government kill their own people and children for believing in truth compassion and endurance? The worlds people are crying out for these principles to have faith again, in themselves and others , and now Falun Dafa is now practiced in over 70 countries in the world and growing rapidly . GMR is an international non profit human rights organisation that was developed by a group of volunteers who were concerned with the ongoing persecution of Falun Gong. Thanks to government officials, congressman in America there have been 20 Falun Gong practitioners united with their families in America.

The whole world is condemning China on this issue. The ultimate goal of GMR vision is to focus on rescuing victimised children and provide them with quality living and education. In order to save the children the following objectives must be accomplished being a short term medium term and long term objectives. There has been documented 20 children who have lost both their parents and 20 children who have lost one parent and the other in prison.

orphans rescue festival - rescue the falun gong orphans mia mia gallery melbourne

The children will be housed in boarding schools and have a caring environment. Then the key is to transport the children out of china to America. GMR has given recognition to congressman, senators and NGO groups in the US with the conscience and courage award for their kindness to rescue Falun Gong practitioners. The children are the most vulnerable victims of the persecution. Their parents are being murdered, the children are left with no one, as there relatives are to scared to care for them as they fear for their life.

The CCP are relentless in their torture to the whole country and its people everything is hidden and Falun Gong practitioners are never seen again .Even the children and students who don’t practice are forced to go out and hand out proper gander material As a human rights organisation GMR believes in helping these children to become good citizens promote good values in their life and bring others awareness. Recent progress in Australia, a very successful concert in Sydney, Charity Festival in Melbourne, Concert in New York and Boston various press conferences , bike ride campaigns, parades, and Press conference at United Nations Assembly.

How you can help: Tell friends, family about the persecution of Falun Gong and the orphans left behind.

Write letters to your MP’s Senators and Prime Minister.

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